ALITALIA praised for its reply to homophobic tweet

ALITALIA praised for its reply to homophobic tweet

ALITALIA which has been in the news recently for not the best reasons given it is under administration, finally has some good news. The Italian carrier has been praised in the way it has replied to a homophobic tweet. ALITALIA was promoting “International Museum Day” on 18 May 2018 using a photo of Michelangelo’s iconic Statue of David with the slogan “Fly towards art”.

AZ TWEETA homophobic tweet using the derogatory Italian word for a homosexual man “Finocchio” (using stylised Italian by the tweeter) was used. Roughly translated the offensive tweet states “Fa***ts, thanks for sinking Italy”…ALITALIA replied to the tweet which has been praised for its positive message…


The tweet translated to English reads “Thanks to you for reminding us that the fight against discrimination is not yet won…#loveislove”. ¬†Responses have been largely positive, with many social media comments praising ALITALIA for the way it handled the discriminatory tweet.








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