ALITALIA new livery, new brand and new uniform uniform revealed on 04 June

ALITALIA new livery, new brand and new uniform uniform revealed on 04 June

ALITALIA’s new look, powered by majority stakeholder is set to be revealed on 04 June 2015 in Rome. The airline will adopt a new livery as well as new uniforms for all staff.

ALITALIA’s livery which had a relatively minor modification in 2004 will apparently still retain the Italian “tri-colour” of green, white, red. It is not clear the iconic stylised “A” logo, which first appeared in 1969 is set to remain, but according to the carrier’s CEO, Mr Silvano Cassano it will most likely remain. “We will preserve the Italian flag on the tail, even though it will be updated in an elegant and modern style; the ALITALIA brand is one that is phenomenal and withstands any events facing the airline”.

The airline’s present uniform was introduced in 1998 and was designed by Italian fashion label Mondrian. The carrier has a long history of using top end fashion houses for its uniforms such as Renato Balestra and Giorgio Armani. For the new uniform, the selection is down to two fashion schools. The decision will be between Marangoni, Milan and l’Accademia Costume & Moda di Roma.

It is believe two new Airbus A330-200s will be flown from Abu Dhabi to Rome under a veil of secrecy possibly with stickers to cover the new livery ahead of the official launch. These aircraft will have the new on board product  as well.


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